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Главная страница / Teachers’ Portfolio Парфенова АнастасияВасильевна Я работаю по учебнику «Spotlight» уже четыре года. The tree (usually a tall birch tree) would be stripped of its branches except at the top (where the leaves symbolized new life) and dragged or carried to an open space in the town square or village green. It was then decorated with garlands of flowers and ribbons. Погода Урок английского Географическое положение Великобритании Урок английского Доп. материал Health and Fitness Урок английского Животные и места их обитания Урок английского ЗОЖ Healthy Way of Life Урок английского и ЗОЖ Проблемы подростков. May Day Today The modern May Day has been transformed into a holiday often associated with socialism and the Labour Movement.

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May Day — May 1st May Day ushers in the fifth month of the modern calendar year, the month of May. The History of May Day The old Celtic celebration of May Day was called Beltane, (or Beltaine in its most popular Anglicized form) the Celtic god of light or the sun (Bel, Beli or Belinus). He, in turn, may be traced to the Middle Eastern god Baal. Although this isn’t celebrated, especially not in Scotland. Есть, например, мраморный чемпионат, где британского чемпиона коронуют; его награждают серебряным кубком, известным среди танцоров народного танца как Моррис Дансинг.

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The people of ancient Rome honored Flora, the goddess of flowers and springtime, with a festival called Florialia. Traditionally villagers would disguise one of their number as Jack-in-the-Green by enshrouding him with a portable bower of fresh greenery. … Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Others believe they go back to the spring festivals of ancient Egypt and India.

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презентация по английскому great britain culture

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