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Perhaps the best way of understanding the differences and similarities between these two musical idioms is by distinguishing between regime as a manner of composition and ragtime as a style of instrumental (primarily piano) performance. But these early blues artists came from a different tradition, building from work songs and other call-and-response forms that had an organic structure, one that no more followed a pattern of perfect symmetry than did the branches of a tree or the warbles of a songbird. Visitor guides, calendars, flyers, and brochures available online and at the Information Desks near entrances to both the East and West Buildings provide maps and program listings. “Less than an hour?” guides enable visitors to view highlights in both East and West Buildings. The Congo Square dances were hardly so long-lived. Similarly, for the African, virtually every object of day-to-day life could be a source of rhythm, an instrument of percussion, and an inspiration for the dance. Blues is the foundation of jazz as well as the prime source of rhythm and blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and country music.

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But Leadbelly’s recording career did not begin until the mid-1930s, when he was discovered by ethnomusicologists John and Alan Lomax during a 1933 field trip to record the music of inmates of southern prisons. During the Stono Rebellion of 1739, drums had been used to signal an attack on the white population. Такие как Скотт Джоплин, Джордж Гершвин, Луи Армстронг, Дюк Эллингтон и другие. These drawings confirm that the musicians of Congo Square, circa 1819, were playing percussion and string instruments virtually identical to those characteristic of indigenous African music. Blind Lemon Jefferson, who was born near Wortham, Texas, in 1897, also developed a powerful rural blues style. Benjamin Latrobe, the noted architect, witnessed one of these collective dances on February 21, 1819, and not only left a vivid written account of the event, but made several sketches of the instruments used.

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history of jazz презентация

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